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I initially fell in love Abeline Bridal when my friend went there to find her dress. We traveled from Hays and had a great experience. So, when it was time for me to look for a dress, I had 2 shops on my list. 1 was close to home, the other was Abeline. I loved a dress at the first place but felt I needed to go check out the store in Abeline, though it was quite a trip living close to Topeka.

I fell in love with my dress there, though I gave Lisa a run for her money trying to beat that other dress. She was nothing short of amazing. Then, I got the call that they made the decision to consolidate down to just the Salina store (Making it an even further journey for all of the fittings and alterations and what not.) Though I was a little sad, I knew it was worth it because Caresse was so amazing with my friend I knew I was going to have a great experience at Proncess and Penguin too.

I started my fittings and alterations at the Salina location just a couple weeks ago. My memory didn’t fail me… Caresse was, and is, as amazing with me as she was with my friend. My mom came along on my 2nd fitting and was purely amazed at how detailed, sweet, caring, and kind Caresse and her girls are. She takes everything you say into consideration and is so good and knowledgeable about everything bridal. But not only is she amazing with everything bridal, but she is just a good, sweet lady that works her tail off to make sure her brides are happy. You can feel her sincerity from the first moment to talk to her.

As my wedding approaches and I have my last fitting coming up soon, before I pick up the dress for my wedding in August, I almost feel like I am going to be sad to not be making the hour and

45 minute trip (1 way) to only go to Princess and Penguin. The drive is 100% worth it every time. I highly encourage all soon to be brides to check them out. You wont be disappointed!!!

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